VDRC Terms and Conditions

  • Transgenic RNAi lines and other stocks are to be used only under conditions specified in the ATA.
  • User fees are payable in advance only by charge to VISA or MC account. In case of alarge purchase order (>1000 lines in a single order) payment via wire transfer is accepted.
  • The VDRC makes every effort to ship stocks within 6 weeks from the ordering date, but cannot guarantee that any given stock will be available. If any stock cannot be delivered within 6 weeks, the researcher will have an option either to cancel all or part of the order with the full or partial refund to the VISA or MC account, or alternatively to wait until the ordered lines become available.
  • Order cancellation with full refund is only possible within 24hrs from the ordering date.
  • Invoice will be sent by e-mail and signed digitally.
  • The VDRC does not guarantee that any RNAi line is effective, nor that it contains the intended inverted repeat.
  • Shipping is only possible by FedEx or DHL. Delivery terms are ex works (Incoterms 2000). The recipient pays all transportation costs, applicable taxes and applicable customs duties.
  • The VDRC takes no responsibility for the condition of the sent flies due to the shipment.
  • If the order is ready to ship, but no valid permit is present, you will be informed via email. If we do not receive all the necessary documents within two weeks, the VDRC has the right to discard the order and only pending lines will be refunded.
  • If the package is refused or discarded at the customs (or at an import regulation agency) due to invalid import permit, VDRC will not replace the lines or the shipping costs.

For more information, see VDRC Stockcenter - Terms and Conditions.


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