Attila Gyenesei

Attila is an adjunct professor (docent in Bioinformatics), holds a PhD in Computer Science and a BSc in Economics. He has a broad experience in biomedical research especially in developing bioinformatics methods for biomedical data analysis using data mining and machine learning approaches. Before joining CSF, he was leading the Finnish Microarray and Sequencing and the High-throughput Bioinformatics group at the Turku Centre for Biotechnology in Finland. As the head of BioComp Attila is responsible for the operation of BioComp and its services.

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András has an MSc in chemistry and holds a PhD in biochemistry. He has extensive experience in biocomputing, in particular in the fields of bioinformatics and computational chemistry. He has worked both in academic (NIMR, London; IMP, Vienna) and in industrial (Novartis, Vienna) environments. At BioComp András coordinates the trainings and the statistics consultancy services.

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Sini Junttila

Sini holds an MSc in molecular biotechnology and in vitro diagnostics from the University of Turku, and is currently finishing her PhD in molecular biology. She is experienced in next-generation sequencing and microarray data analysis and has worked with both model and non-model organisms. At BioComp Sini is responsible for the NGS data analysis services.

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Manuel Pasieka

Manuel holds a BSc In Technical Informatics from the Technical University of Vienna and an MSc in Parallel and Distributed Computing from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. He has specific experience in robotic systems and hardware-related programming. At the BioComp Manuel is developing data analysis and instrument control software for neurobiology research groups.

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Pedro holds an MSc in computer science from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. As a software engineer, he has worked in a wide variety of fields and companies. Before joining the CSF, he developed scientific applications at the IMBA, first in the electron microscopy facility and then in the Knoblich group. At BioComp, Pedro is responsible for the area of data management and processing.

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