Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) has revolutionized genomics, offering a broad range of novel applications on a high throughput, genome wide level.  

The goal of our Core Facility is to provide cutting edge next generation DNA sequencing technology to its users. Currently, sequencing is performed on Illumina platforms (GAIIx and HiSeq) in single read or paired end modus. Maximal read length is 2x100bp yielding an maximum of 40Gbp quality filtered reads per lane. 

Advice and guidance of sequencing projects are offered by our team, that relys on five years of experience with sequencing systems and sequencing data analysis. All common sequencing applications (ChIP-seq, RNA-seq, Whole Genome Sequencing etc.) are supported and the development of novel methods and protocols encouraged.  

Depending on the required application, library preparation can either be performed by the users or by the NGS team. Multiplexed, barcoded samples can be used to fully exploit the sequencing capacity of the systems. We provide sample preparation protocols and offer contact to Illumina or reference customers on demand. To ensure optimal sequencing results we have introduced quality control steps at several points of the sequencing procedure. 

Base calling and primary analysis is standardly applied to the sequence reads resulting in bam/fastq files and quality information.

Our Core Facility team set up a selection of bioinformatics tools in order to assist you in further data analysis. Additionally, to these programs we use Galaxy.  

If you are interested in Next Generation Sequencing please contact the NGS facility team to discuss the best support of your projects.


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